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Getting Cubase & the Focusrite Control 2802 to be friends (Midi Automation of the analogue layer)

The Problem

I'm well pleased with my new Control 2802. It's an excellent piece of gear that has transformed the way I work and approach mixing.

However, when it came to some serious work, it was evident that one of the big useful things about it: Fader Automation of the analogue layer was critical to making my workflow actually flow.

Whilst Focusrite have provided a lovely clear manual with diagrams & pictures etc, it appears the section on automation in Cubase has been documented based on assumptions rather than them, actually trying to do it and subsequently there are few essential clues missing to actually making it work. If like me you use both Cubase and Control 2802, you have almost certainly found yourself in the same situation and in following the manuals guide, have your 8 automation tracks set up but when recording an automation pass are finding that all 8 midi channels are being recorded to each of your midi tracks.

I arsed about for a few hours experimenting with the various options and thanks to a deep hidden BLOG ARTICLE by Morten Johannes Ervik, my 2802 and Cubase are having a massive autonomous party. So now I'm writing this article to aid fellow Cubase/Conrol 2802 users to keep you from pulling out your hair and actually get on with some work!


If you're reading this article, then I expect you've set up each midi channel to receive input from "Control 2802 Automation" as instructed and set the corresponding midi channel for each track. What may be evident at this stage is that the midi channel you've set only applies to the output. BUT, the data being recorded to each midi track is being recorded from ALL 8 midi channels.

Somehow, you're going to need to FILTER out the input data right?


1) You're looking for the INPUT TRANSFORMER. Its the cheeky little orange button in the top right of the inspector that looks like a buggered drain pipe. Clearly, Steinberg were'nt sure how to iconise such a function.

2) Choose "Local" from the dropdown and youll be presented with a dialog that looks similar to the logical editor.

3) Under the presets, you can select Channel filtering -> Pass CH.# for the corresponding channel data data you want to let through.

If you dont have those presets installed (A common scenario that seems to ALWAYS happen to me every time I update Cubase!) - you might find THIS ARTICLE useful.

Failing that, just copy the setup as per the image (for channel 3)

4) Finally, thanks to Alex Cleater for pointing out an essential tip. Whilst the preset will load the correct setup, you need to activate the Module in order for it to actually filter. (It is by default, off.)